Candidate Announcement

Released 2 Oct 2019

The Green Party announce their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Somerton and Frome Constituency

Dr Andrea Dexter has been a GP for over 25 years, is a mother of three, and lives in Wanstrow with her partner District Councillor Michael Gay.

Andrea said “I am delighted to be the new Green Party parliamentary candidate for Somerton and Frome. The area is full of dynamic and creative people already aware of the climate emergency and trying to do something about it. There are many ‘Sustainable’ groups in towns and villages working hard at reducing carbon emissions and plastic use. I am proud to be able to make my contribution.

From my professional life as a GP (I have worked in Frome, Glastonbury, Wincanton and Shepton Mallet), I know that there are a lot of people in Somerset for whom a decade of cuts in the NHS, emergency services, social care and benefit system has made the challenges of everyday life difficult, and for whom the dangers of an unfolding climate crisis can seem far away.

As a Green, I believe that we will not be able to make the practical changes necessary to avoid the worst of climate change unless we also return to fully funded public services and effective safety nets so that everyone in society is supported.

I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming months, taking your advice and hearing your views. Politics has become the playground game of people who are never affected by their decisions. We need politicians who realise the urgency of the task and will make the changes we all know have to be made.

Voting Green is the only vote that makes sense.”  

Shane Collins, Leader of the Mendip District Group of 10 green councillors expressed delight at the news and added “Andrea understands the NHS and public services from the inside. She has also been very involved in the Green Party’s recent climate successes along with many green district councillors. We look forward to having an MP who will put the interests of the Somerset districts before party politics.”

And Martin Dimery, Leader of the Somerset County Councillors group added “Andrea Dexter has all the qualities we desperately need in our Members of Parliament. She has genuine “real life” experience, having lived and worked as a National Health GP in the constituency for many years, earning the respect and trust of many.  Andrea has not been “parachuted” into Somerton and Frome to enhance her career. She genuinely cares for the area and the people she hopes to represent. The Green Party is unique in placing the environment as its top political priority. Andrea has the knowledge, commitment and determination to ensure those policies are heard in Westminster.”

Outgoing Green Party PPC Theo Simon stated “It’s been inspiring to stand as Green parliamentary candidate in 2 elections. It showed me the deep grass-roots support for having Green voices at every level of government.  I’m proud of what we’ve now built at district and county level, and it’s exciting to see a woman of Andrea’s calibre step forward to take the fight to Westminster. We need more than just waffle from our MP, we need real commitment, broad vision and experience – something which I know Andrea, after decades of serving as a GP, will bring to the next election like sunshine on a thundery day.”