Election message 1

This election is in full swing and it is not a pretty sight. The government suddenly decides it can borrow money over and above its borrowing in the last 9 years, in order to buy an election victory. It assumes that people will forget their experience of the last 9 years; poverty affects 14 million people, 30 million people suffer financial insecurity and 1.5million children living in households that cannot afford to heat their homes: underfunded schools ask parents to provide basic services and equipment: social care with too few carers: 4.4 million people wait for planned operations, some for over 18 months; 200 children per year die from suicide and child mental health services are overwhelmed: GP surgeries with too few GPs and nurses: too few police unable to protect us as they wish; local council funding slashed, with the approval of our Conservative MP, every year since 2015.

Our economy is based on services, with primary producers like farmers unable to get fair price for their effort, and manufacturing largely struggling with the uncertainty of trade with the EU.

Government has been paralysed by Brexit and internal game-playing since the poorly judged EU Referendum called by the Conservative/LibDem coalition government.

Meanwhile climate change accelerates towards a chaos that will engulf our children and future generations in a very harsh world unless we act now to avoid global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius. This is science and not party politics. Opinion will not change facts and data.

This election may be the last opportunity for us to get things right. Do not wait for the next one. We are running out of time. I believe we need a new politics based on evidence, not ideology and that is why I am standing for the Green Party, and why I am asking people to vote for me on December 12th.

Thank you,

Dr Andrea Dexter