Frome schools

We should all be concerned about the report that came out on Sunday 13th October from the National Education Union, which was an analysis of school funding changes for next year.

There appears to be no “levelling up” going on in our constituency and a quick screen shot (pictured below) shows all local schools defunded further for next year. The links show school by school how much education provision has been cut to the bone in our area, except for the academies, which are funded differently and much better. Please visit this website for full information:

School funding is often left behind in government thinking, with all the Brexit noise, economic downturn and all the other public services in crisis but our children are our future, they only get one chance at schooling and they deserve much better than this.

Green Party policy is for genuine per pupil increased funding and to bring academies and Free Schools back under Local Authority administration.

Dr Andrea Dexter

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Somerton and Frome