General Election campaign crowdfunder

We have now launched our General Election campaign crowdfunder and hope you will feel able to support us in reaching our target of £3000. We do not know when the general election will be but we want to be ready and prepared. Please visit .  Every donation will help us in promoting our candidate and the Green Party message. At this time of growing awareness about climate change we must give people the opportunity to vote for the Green Party.   With your support we can get our voice heard.


The money raised will enable us to:

  • Deliver leaflets to every household in the constituency, giving the Green message. £10 will pay to print 1000 leaflets. £50 will pay to print 10,000 postcards.
  • Put up 200 roadside boards promoting our candidate, Dr. Andrea Dexter.  £20 buys three poster boards. 
  • Hold public meetings across the constituency.
  • Run a bold social media campaign which will include funded content.