About Andrea

Dr Andrea Dexter (58) is a senior G.P. and mother of three. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and works for the Care Quality Commission.  She has worked as GP in Frome, Glastonbury, Wincanton and Shepton Mallet.

As both a professional and mother, she has the intelligence, wisdom and warmth necessary to reach beyond current Green voters to a diverse audience that can put her in office. As a Green MP, her primary platform will be tackling climate and ecology breakdown, and protecting social justice.

The wellbeing of current and future generations depends on mitigating the converging environmental crises and human rights are at risk of being sacrificed in the face of these disasters. Inequality is already increasing in British society, greatly impeding our resilience. As your MP, Andrea will work tirelessly to create a healthier and more sustainable politics.

The acts of politicians have never been more important in shaping the course of human civilization and wellbeing. By voting for Andrea, you are supporting the preservation of a biodiverse planet where all humans can thrive.

Andrea with Caroline Lucas MP
Andrea with Caroline Lucas MP