Martin says

The Somerton and Frome byelection presents a fantastic opportunity for the Green Party in Somerset. We have made great strides in the east of this enormous rural constituency in local government, notably in the constiuency’s largest town Frome, where we won four of the six available Somerset Council seats in 2022. We are now seeing a Green wave in towns like Bruton and Langport with representation on town councils too. This makes the Green Party a serious contender in the by-election. While other parties may be seeking to squeeze our vote, we hear of more and more people disaffected by the political establishment who are turning to us as a credible alternative, not afraid to speak out on the matters that concern us like environment, housing, the economy, and Brexit. This election will not determine the next government or the next Prime Minister, and so this is the time when the public can vote with their heart and not be pressured into tactical voting. The real possibility now exists for the voters of Somerton and Frome to make history and send a second MP to the Commons.