Statement from Martin on the result

Congratulations to Sarah Dyke on what was a resounding victory last night. In the end, the Liberal Democrats didn’t need the relentless attacks on the Green vote. Sarah deserved better.

We fought a positive campaign that delivered the best ever Green by-election result in our Party’s history! Huge thanks to the campaign team, fellow Candidates and, most importantly, Somerton & Frome voters!

Our vote held up because people are no longer just voting “not Tory”. They are choosing a party they know will take action on the climate and ecological emergencies we are all facing.

Next year presents a new chance in our long awaited Frome and East Somerset constituency. Last night our dedicated voters proved we can win this.

You can see the full results and some good review comments in Leveller Live:

Changes from 2019, with thanks to @Green_Elects: